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No No Spooky Monster On Halloween Please! | Halloween Music For Kids | Little Baby Bum | #Halloween
02:02:13 / 9095694 views / 12653 likes / 0 dislikes / 24.10.2020 / Channel: UCSsu4Uj7Zs5Xe9B9cnNTJeQ

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No No Spooky Monsters Song -Dress Up on Halloween 0:00
Ice Cream Song 2:01
The Panda Bear Went Over the Mountain 3:59
Halloween Wheels on the Bus 5:57
Getting Dressed 8:01
Dress Up (Princesses, Pirates, and Planes) 9:57
Driving In My Car 11:55
Apples and Bananas - Learn Vowels - ABCs and 123s 13:53
Jumping On The Moon 15:56
Itsy Bitsy Spider 17:54
Hide and Seek with Friends in Fall SONG 19:53
London Bridge Is Falling Down 21:53
Animals Train Song 23:53
5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed 25:51
Peekaboo 27:50
ABC Phonics 29:33
Zombie Buster At The Carwash 31:52
Bath Song 33:54
Learn Numbers and Colours Song - Bus, Cars and Trucks 36:01
Rain Rain Go Away - Digley Wants to Play 37:53
Mary Had a Little Lamb - The Lost Lamb 39:46
Buster the Wizard - Magic Spell Book 41:46
Robot Buster 43:49
5 Little Ducks 45:51
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 47:43
Baa Baa Black Sheep 49:43
10 Little Buses 51:35
Learn ABCs at the Construction Site - Alphabet Song 53:31
Yes Yes the Playground is Fun Song - Try It Out 55:20
Halloween Baby Shark 57:23
Yes Yes! Halloween Trick or Treat 59:23
Yes Yes Vegetables Song 1:01:13
Splish and Splash - Baby Bath Song 1:03:05
Going to the Doctor's Song - I'm not Scared 1:05:08
Sick Song - Have a Little Rest 1:07:11
The Vehicle Sounds Song - Bus, Car & Truck 1:09:07
Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Animals Have Escaped! 1:11:09
Wobbly Tooth Song - Going to the Dentist 1:13:10
3 Little Kittens 1:15:11
1, 2, What Shall We Do? 1:17:11
My Mommy Is A Super Mommy 1:19:08
Wheels On The Train 1:21:05
This Is The Way - Bedtime Routine for Kids 1:23:02
Oh No! Buster’s Stuck in the Slimy Green Puddle 1:24:57
Happy Birthday 1:26:29
Buster And The Storm 1:30:23
Bedtime Song 1:32:23
Wheels On The Bus V1 1:34:28
Fairy Tale Song 1:36:25
Thank You Song 1:38:26
Baby's Got A Boo Boo 1:40:26
Humpty Dumpty 1:42:27
Teacher Says Song - Fun With Friends at School 1:44:25
Yes, Yes! Help Your Friends 1:46:24
Ten Little Speckled Eggs - Learn Numbers with Chicks and Bunnies 1:48:21
Name Song 1:50:09
School Bus Song 1:52:07
Ocean Lullaby 1:54:05
5 Little Ducks V1 1:56:08
Learn Rainbow Colors 1:58:04
Finger Family Muddy Puddles Song 2:00:04
Super Hero Buster 2:02:07

Hey you, Boo!
Did you hear that sound?
Is it a monster that i’ve found?

Is that a zombie I see over there?
Oh no! It’s coming our way!
Let’s all run out the room
It's only Daddy in costume

Hey you, Boo!
Did you hear that sound?
Is it a monster that i’ve found?

Is that a ghost hiding under the stairs?
Take a closer look and follow me
I can see little feet
It’s Alien under bed sheets

Hey you, Boo!
Did you hear that sound?
Is it a monster that i’ve found?

Is that a vampire creeping up on us ?
It looks like it’s heading this way
I can see a big cape
It’s mummy tricking us again

Hey you, Boo!
Did you hear that sound?
Is it a monster that i’ve found?

There were bumps and jumps and spooky scares
And the monsters danced the day away
But they were all just pretend
Halloween’s great with our friends.

#boo #halloween #accidents #lullabies #naptime #sleep #calm #meditation #bebrave #faceyourfears #trickortreat

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