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Learn To Swim Song | Nursery Rhymes with Subtitles
01:04:00 / 1250119 views / 5280 likes / 0 dislikes / 08.05.2020 / Channel: UC4WSp6ekT-KLltyzCmQnBrQ

Come Join Max and his family as he learns how to swim and play at the beach!

Let’s Dance Together With Max and friends!
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Learn To Swim Song 0:00
My Mommy Is a Super Mommy 2:03
10 Little Buses 3:59
Name Song 5:54
Jumping On The Moon 7:42
5 Little Ducks 9:40
This is The Way 11:34
Learn Shapes Song 13:29
Panda Went Over the Mountain 15:29
Apples and Bananas 17:27
Going To The Doctors 19:30
Wobbly Tooth 21:32
Yes Veggies Song 23:32
Humpty Dumpty Song 25:25
Bingo 27:25
Vehicle Sounds Song 29:27
Teacher Says Song 31:28
Rain Rain Go Away 33:27
School Bus Song 35:27
Ice Cream Song 37:25
Driving In My Car 39:28
1,2 What Shall We Do? 41:26
5 Little Monkeys 43:18
3 Little Kittens 45:18
Old Mac Donald 47:17
Baby’s Got A Boo Boo 49:15
ABC Phonics 51:16
Halloween Baby Shark 53:34
Ocean Lullaby 55:35
Building Site Song 57:33
Dress Up Song 59:31
Bath 1:01:39

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