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WWE All Finishers 2020 [UPDATED]
Duration: 1628 / 157768 views / 2290 likes / 103 dislikes / 27.02.2020 / Channel: UCrXpVaur1JkkFgHcx9KFFBQ

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Q: How can I find the wrestler I want to see in this video?
A: All of the wrestlers and their finishers in this video are in complete alphabetical order.

Q: Where are some finishers you didn't add to this video? Why are there some moves here that aren't finishers? What are your sources for finishers?
A: Finishers of wrestlers are not certain for a degree and I had to get a source to make this video. I used Pro Wrestling Wiki and WWE's website to make a list of the finishers. If there is a wrong or missing finisher in this video, that is the fault of Pro Wrestling Wiki and WWE's website, not mine.

Q: What are the differences of this updated video?
A: I added all of the finishers I forgot to add and removed the outdated finishers. I removed some moves with my own free will because they didn't make any sense. For example "Selfie" of Tyler Breeze, he can't use it as a finisher but Pro Wrestling Wiki showed that as a finisher of Tyler Breeze.

Q: What are the names of the songs?
A: All of them are in the description.

Q: Why didn't you add CM Punk, Dean Ambrose etc. ?
A: Because they left WWE.

Q: Why didn't you add MVP, Goldberg etc. ?
A: Because they are not in WWE's current roster. My source for the roster is Wikipedia's "List of WWE personnel" page.

Q: Why did you write some of the finishers' names wrong?
A: They are not wrong. For example, "Moonsault Side Slam" and "Spanish Fly" are the same thing, as well as "Unprettier" and "Killswitch", some moves can have multiple names.

Q: Why aren't these finishers from 2020?
A: We've just started 2020 and you can't expect me to find all of these finishers from 2020. That is impossible.

Q: Where is Matt Hardy?
A: He is at W’s because Of his “Woken Matt Hardy” name

These are the most common questions I get, I answered all of them so please don't ask the same questions all over again.

1- Evalyn Awake - Nothing Remains
2- RAVENFACE - Be Silent
3- Selft Deception - The Shift
4- Sweet Anarchy - Broken
5- The Chaos Agent - Breaking The Silence
6- Mosaic - Dad Rock
7- Nine Lashes - Never Back Down
8- Coded - Moments Of Madness

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