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Thank You Song + More Playtime Songs and Nursery Rhymes | Preschool Playhouse | #thankful
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Come sing along with Mia and her family and friends as we learn to be thankful for the people that are in our lives. Plus check out the Wash Your Hands Song and Wheels on the Bus in this Compilation of music!

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Thank You Song 0:00
Hide and Seek with Friends in Fall SONG 2:05
Getting Dressed 4:05
5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed 6:00
Accidents Happen - Don't Worry You'll be Fine 8:00
The Panda Bear Went Over the Mountain 9:59
Are We Nearly There Yet? 11:57
Wheels on the Bus - Animal Sounds at the Farm 13:43
The Vehicle Sounds Song - Bus, Car & Truck 15:42
Emergency Services Rap - Which Special Service Will It Be? 17:43
Going to the Doctor's Song - I'm not Scared 20:02
Humpty Dumpty 22:05
Having fun on Holiday 24:06
Buster Coming Round the Mountain Song - Buster and Suki's Race 1:26:19
Yes, Yes! Help Your Friends 28:19
Yes Yes the Playground is Fun Song - Try It Out 30:17
Christmas Ice Cream Song 32:19
Wheels On The Train 34:19
Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Animals Have Escaped! 36:17
Carwash Song 38:18
Wash Your Hands 40:11
This Is The Way - Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies 42:08
Wobbly Tooth Song - Going to the Dentist 44:06
3 Little Kittens 46:07
5 Little Ducks 48:07
Baby Shark - Dance Together! 50:10
Splish and Splash - Baby Bath Song 52:06
I Love My Family 54:08
This Is The Way - Bedtime Routine for Kids 56:14
Peekaboo 58:09
Bedtime Song 59:52
ABC Song 1:01:51
Baa Baa Black Sheep 1:03:21
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1:05:13
1, 2, What Shall We Do? 1:07:13
10 Little Buses 1:09:10
ABC Phonics 1:11:05
Learns Shapes Colours and Numbers - Finger Family Muddy Puddles Song 1:13:23
Learn To Swim Song 1:15:23
Driving In My Car 1:17:23
Super Hero Mom Song - Christmas Special 1:19:19
London Bridge Is Falling Down 1:21:18
Bandit Bus Strikes Again - Save the Baby Lion 1:23:17
Mr. Lopez Song 1:25:17
Ten Little Speckled Eggs - Learn Numbers with Chicks and Bunnies 1:27:25
Bingo Song - ABCs and 123s 1:29:22
Down At The Farm - Learn Animal Sounds 1:31:25
5 Little Speckled Frogs 1:33:26
Baby's Got A Boo Boo 1:35:25
Ocean Lullaby 1:37:26
Fairy Tale Song 1:39:24
Ice Cream Song 1:41:22
Rain Rain Go Away - Playing in Puddles with Friends 1:43:20
Learn Numbers and Colours Song - Bus, Cars and Trucks 1:45:21
Itsy Bitsy Spider 1:47:13
Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes 1:49:12
Wheels on the Bus Rap 1:51:13
Count with Me Frozen Song - Learn Numbers 1:53:25
Mary Had a Little Lamb - The Lost Lamb 1:55:21
If You're Happy and You Know It (Dig it up!) 1:57:21
Jingle Bells - Santa Claus is Coming to Town 1:59:15

I want to thank you, thank you
Thank you everyday
I want to thank you, thank you
I just want to say thank you

Thank you to Mummy for always being kind
She’s really really nice to me all of the time
And thank you to Ella and Ollie
For always being happy to play with me

I want to thank you, thank you
Thank you everyday
I want to thank you, thank you
I just want to say thank you

Thanks to Chase and Louis for being my best friends
When we’re together the fun never ends
And thanks to Baby Max for making silly faces
And thank you to Buster for driving us to wonderful places

I want to thank you, thank you
Thank you everyday
I want to thank you, thank you
I just want to say thank you

And sometimes I’m less happy and that’s OK
Cos I know that you’re all here to put a smile back on my face

I want to thank you, thank you
Thank you everyday
I want to thank you, thank you
I just want to say thank you

*Spoken to camera/audience*
And thank you, too!

#thankful #thanksgiving #appreciate #celeberate #playtime

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