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Baby's Got A Boo Boo | Nursery Rhymes with Subtitles
59:36 / 445772 views / 2198 likes / 0 dislikes / 20.06.2021 / Channel: UC4WSp6ekT-KLltyzCmQnBrQ

Come join the Little Baby Bum family as we learn about accidents happen and so we sing baby's got a boo boo song!

Let’s Dance Together With Max and friends!
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Oh Dear, You
Is everything ok?
Has Baby got a Boo Boo Today?

Let me help you wipe your tears away
To make you feel better again
It was only a scrape
Now you can go outside and play

Oh Dear, You
Do you feel ok?
Has Baby got a Boo Boo Today?

Did you bang your knee a little bit?
It might look red now but don’t worry
It will soon go away
Now you can go outside and play

Oh Dear, you
Is everything ok?
Has Baby got a Boo Boo today?

Did you bump your head running around?
With a little rub and a little hug
You’ll be happy again
Now you can go outside and play

Oh Dear, you
Now everything’s ok
Well, Baby got a Boo Boo today.

With all the boo boo’s, and bumps you had
You felt sad for a little while
But you’re smiling again
Now you can go outside and play

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