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The Nefertiti phenomenon | DW Documentary
Duration: 2546 / 352231 views / 4042 likes / 235 dislikes / 10.10.2020 / Channel: UCW39zufHfsuGgpLviKh297Q

World famous, legendary and mysterious: Nefertiti was the wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton. More than a hundred years after the discovery of her bust, a team of international experts is trying to find the missing pieces in the puzzle of her story.

Even more than three thousand years after her death, she remains more popular than any other figure from ancient Egypt: Nefertiti. She is regarded as the most powerful and charismatic woman of antiquity. In 1912, a German Oriental Society expedition came across the life-size sculpture of the queen in the ruins of Achetaton. Over one hundred years later, a team of international experts is trying to solve the remaining mysteries of her fate. How did the mother of six die and why is her mummy missing?


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