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Keep Your Hands Warm During This Winter - Made In USA Glove Liners By WSI Sports (For Men And Women)
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https://wsisports.com/products/heatr-glove-liner -- If your hands are susceptible to being cold this winter, then click the link above discover more about WSI Sports and its glove liners. All of WSI's line of clothing and accessories are Made in USA (Eagan, Minnesota) and the company's items have been worn by professional teams and individual athletes for nearly 3 decades to help them stay warm, dry and perform at high levels.

Here is more information about the glove liners, which you can wear by themselves or under your other hand coverings (gloves, mittens, etc.):

New and improved HEATR® is equipped with more stretch and durability! WSI provides you with soft, comfortable, dry-fit, American-made clothing that increases athletic performance and allows you to be your best.
Product Features:

Will keep you warm even in temperatures from -10° to 60°
Soft, comfortable, and fit easily underneath other gloves
Perfect for layering for extra warmth
Ideal for winter sports and outdoor activities

Material Technology:
HEATR®: 70% Polyester, 27% HEATR®, 3% Spandex

HEATR® is a high-tech material developed by WSI that helps keep you up to 40% warmer than other materials on the market. Fibers that are integrated within the fabric expand and heat up as they come into contact with the skin. Since the fibers are integrated in the fabric, they will not wash out.
Advanced wicking properties, anti-microbial properties, and anti-snag technology

Care Instructions:

Machine wash with like colors
Line dry

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Visit the WSIsports.com website for all of your cold weather clothing and accessories needs ranging from shirts to pants, socks to hats, and base layers to sport-specific items like warming sleeves for baseball players and compression shorts for football players.

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