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4K UHD 10 hours - Earth from Space & Space Wind Audio - relaxing, meditation, nature
Duration: 36226 / 3141066 views / 13278 likes / 890 dislikes / 31.01.2017 / Channel: UC-he8--TRguZ-nNUSiH77Uw

Great 4K, Ultra HD HDR footage taken from ISS to sit back and enjoy the beauty of planet earth for 10 hours. (There's a UFO on the right hand side of the screen at 24:25) Accompanied by a soothing Space Wind audio.

Perfect for looping to relax, meditate, sleep, yoga, pilates, live wallpaper, dinner parties or just reading a book with as a nice window to look out of on your monitor or television. The first clip only is an animation to set the tone and mess with flat earth theorists ;-)

If you like this, then check out my Version 2 here: I've removed the one clip that's animation, and the audio is more like a hum of a spacecraft.

Or this one: which focuses just on the Aurora Borealis from space.

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Great minds come from great nature. Enjoy!


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